This book was originally the notes for a seminar. After an April, 2008 conversation with a book publisher, I reassembled the notes into the manuscript form you see here. After reading just a few chapters, he felt that this was a resource that pastors should have on hand in quantity to give out to people who are dealing with the effects of pornography in their families or extended families. I began to look at U.S. publishers who have a history with multiple-copy packs of books, or publishers who do promotional price books. We are still waiting for a decision from a couple of these.

Because my background is in Christian retail, I approached Christian publishers, and wrote this book from a Christian perspective. I envision that most people hearing about this would hear about through Christian sources, and it does make it easier to relate stories and analogies that form common Christian experience. However, there is no denying that most of the book can be helpful to a broader audience, as it explains much of the pornography that exists on the internet from a marketing and sociological perspective.

There are no footnotes in this book. If anything, it’s an anti-academic book! I haven’t cited studies or reports or other articles other than are mentioned within the chapters themselves. I wanted to keep this simple in most cases, in a few others it would have taken a lot of time to pinpoint the actual source. In some cases, I’ve generalized or allowed statistics to be an amalgam of various published and electronic media reports.

The length of this in print form would be somewhat shorter than other “trade paperbacks.” I took my cue from the various titles written in the “Grief and Consolation” category. This book was written primarily for women who are dealing with a crisis and want some preliminary understanding as to what it is they are dealing with; and as such don’t have a long time to do extended reading. There are a couple of chapters at the end which consider possible next steps, but our primary focus here is on identifying the problem. With any addiction, the next steps are often easier said than done. I wanted to created a resource for people who wanted to know the mechanics of internet pornography without having to see it firsthand. A few times I have kept some concepts very concise, though with each revision the book is getting longer. I suspect that as some of you interact with it online, your suggestions and comments may result in adding extra paragraphs here and there.

I am not sure how long to leave this site online. We don’t want to hinder what I believe today to be the eventual print publication, but at the same time, I wanted to make this material immediately available. I know each copy read online is one less copy that we could eventually sell, but despite a strong entrepreneurial spirit, making money has always eluded me anyway. For the past twelve years, our bookstore has provided us with an income far below the poverty line.  I don’t think this was ever about money; though after years of selling books, writing them is certainly an exciting proposition.

If you want to reply to something in the book, I’ve set up a special e-mail address for that purpose: epistle [at] We won’t be checking it every day, and I can’t promise that every comment will receive a reply.

(I’ve also been formulating a concept for another Christian book for the past year, and am still wondering if it will work best as a fictional story or as non-fiction. It would deal with those people in the local church who once enjoyed a high ministry profile, but now sit quietly in the congregation week by week; and the reasons why these people are now shut out of the decision making and leadership process. If I ever get around to producing some trial chapters, we’ll link them here. Then again, I might write something else; or nothing else. But I really don’t want to be known as “the pornography guy.”)

It’s hard to believe that those little pictures and stories on the internet are destroying so many families, but they are. If part of winning the battle is to know your enemy, this book should be a key resource for people in need.

~Paul WIlkinson

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