Twelfth Chapter – Orientation


So far we’ve accomplished the impossible: Eleven chapters on this subject and no mention of what takes place when it’s same-sex pornography that’s being watched or downloaded. First of all, it’s difficult to know where to begin here because the situations vary, but could be simplified as fitting one or two broader patterns:

(a) the individual has already demonstrated homosexual tendencies and is simply using online internet pornography to feed an interest that was already acknowledged; or

(b) the individual has heretofore had no interest at all in same-sex issues, and this represents a kind of skewing of their interest (or what we called harder kicks) as discussed previously

The first case is the subject of many books. Joe Dallas is probably the leading author writing on the subject of homosexuality within the Christian publishing world. I haven’t read his many books, but don’t need to read them to be convinced that the internet probably figures heavily into his discussions as to what led some individuals into the gay lifestyle. I would venture to safely guess that the internet as a contributing factor is present in well over 90% of recent case histories. Instead, I want to consider the second situation.

There are a few gallery sites that link to pictures of both men and women, so it’s not impossible for a man whose tastes are 100% heterosexual to be presented with the option of clicking on a site containing pictures of other men. Here again though, things get confusing. Is a site with pictures of women or girls on the ‘net for the benefit of heterosexual men or lesbian women? Is a site with pictures of men or boys uploaded for the benefit heterosexual women or gay men? Just because you see a picture doesn’t mean you can make an instant assessment of its context without studying the site more closely. Furthermore, in our present sexual climate, heavily reinforced by popular television series, there are a lot of men who are turned on by lesbian themes. Again, I think this is where the gay and lesbian lobby accomplishes its purposes more in text sites than with visual porn; in fact I’m going to venture a guess here that proportionate to the actual sexual orientation of the general population, there are far more gay and lesbian sites devoted to stories or confessionals or erotic literature.

Nonetheless, out of sheer boredom with the status quo, it’s possible for a man to suddenly find himself having ‘stumbled’ on a site with pictures of gay males. My exposure to such sites was somewhat limited because the whole gay thing, especially when confronted with it visually, is something I find rather repulsive. My “catch and release” strategy was never as useful as it was here; I got to the point at the end where I really wanted to know what all was out there, but didn’t really want to look at the monitor. As unbelievable as it will seem, I actually got quite good at that.

From what I did see, my greatest concern is with the sites that are targeted specifically at boys. Note that I did not say those which contain pictures of boys. (Some of the gay sites seemed quite unconcerned with the issue of the age of the subjects, though I really didn’t see enough to know if I can draw that as a general conclusion.) Many of the sites exist to convince young boys that this is a normal, healthy, acceptable lifestyle.

Early on, while looking at more ‘normal’ pornography, I asked myself how exposure would have shaped my life if I had exposure to it as a teenager. After encountering some samples of gay pornography, I asked myself the same question. I think the answer is: Confused. As I said earlier, I see teenagers as analogous to stem cells; being formed and shaped into what they will appear as in adulthood. I think there are lot of teens who would grow up straight but for the ‘crisis’ of a homosexual experience, and by experience I include those who simply end up looking at same sex photographs online and find themselves aroused by that experience. The logical conclusion becomes, “I must be gay or I wouldn’t be reacting like this;” while in fact, the person would have been equally aroused looking at opposite sex photographs.

I honestly think that a lot depends here on who gets to the young person first, or rather, who gets to the young person at the time of life they are most vulnerable.

The sites themselves exist in all the forms we discussed in the ninth and eleventh chapter. While I did not take the time to locate animated gay pornography, I did read some articles on the subject at the time and discovered that once again, Japan is the source of much of the animation itself. Again, this raises all sorts of concerns, not the least of which is (again) the link between animated pornography and computer generated gaming, much of which also emanates from the East. With two teenaged boys at home, I am probably more looking over their shoulders at their screens when they are playing online and downloaded animated games than I am at any other time.

I can also see how it might be possible for an adult heterosexual male, after much viewing of women online, could suddenly get turned on by a website featuring men. To some men it would be like looking at a computer monitor for weeks with pictures containing nothing but green hues, and suddenly finding sites with pictures that were shades of orange. It becomes a different kick. I think that over time, so many normal inhibitions have disappeared that the sex of the people onscreen becomes less of an issue to a male sinking deeper and deeper into porn.

Finally, it’s important to know that many gay rights advocacy groups have a very militant agenda. Many national gay rights groups have toll free phone numbers where ‘counselors’ are standing by to assist young people and adults who want to ‘come out’ as gays. Many have follow up contacts located in key cities to whom callers are referred.

However, nothing is impossible here. I’m told that an organization dedicated to intergenerational gay sex called NAMBLA (if you don’t know what it stands for, you don’t want to) had at least one of their websites shut down a few years ago due to public pressure. Just because you believe the world is morally in a downward spiral doesn’t mean you stop trying to make a difference.


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