Ninth Chapter – Sites


One of the goals of this book is to simply not include any content that would give anybody who’s reading this for the wrong reasons any ideas. In this chapter, that goal remains present, though nearly impossible. Some people will read this and say, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about;” while I hope others will realize, “He doesn’t talk about all he knows.” There are one or two things I have decided to omit entirely here, even though for a few people, they play a major part in their online experience.


I think it’s important to know what’s out there and since appearance is everything let’s begin by looking at the three distinct categories of the images appearing on the computer monitor:

(a) text – written characters only on the screen

(b) pictures – camera-generated real images of real people

(c) animation – images hand-drawn or computer generated

This is the first time animation has been mentioned  and the implications of it are very important.  In fact, if the primary big idea of this book is that we shouldn’t minimize the potential horror of text-only porn, the secondary big idea of this book is that animated porn represents a more serious threat in the future.

Let’s begin with text. I’ve already mentioned online novels and short story sites. These may be professionally written, or may be sites where anyone can submit content online. There are also collections, where individuals have gathered material together from writers or other sites which are grouped into a theme. Some writers create collections to advance their own compositions which are slipped in among those by others.


Forums are similar to the ‘comments’ sections on blogs. Usually you have to log in to comment. Some are ‘live’ and begin at a certain time and get many responses; others are ongoing and people continue to post comments months after the original topic for discussion was introduced.


Confessionals are places where people tell their stories for the purpose of freeing their consciences from often unspeakable things they did. Though many of these are general in nature, usually the majority of responses are confessions of some sexual adventure. Not all confessors are fully remorseful however; some are simply bragging, while others are simply dreaming.


Blogs in this context often consist of sexual addicts sharing with others where to go to find more risqué content elsewhere online. I’m told that child porn addicts use these kinds of sites to communicate with each other. Often the links contained on these blogs don’t work because the sites are so extreme they’ve been shut down by the time they read them. That doesn’t stop people from trying.


Chat Rooms are similar to forums except that two people can decide to break away privately and hold their own conversation. At that point, others don’t get to read what is being shared.


Sometimes a group or organization will post a normal looking public website to advance their views on a particular topic of sexual interest. Other times a site may masquerade as being educational in nature when it’s not. (This is a good time to mention that a noticeable amount of pornography is located on sites with .edu address endings; meaning that they are operating out of colleges and universities.)


Visual sites fall into categories: (a) still photographic images and (b) moving images.


Most still picture sites are called galleries. They may be just that, the work of an individual photographer or collector who has posted them for show and nothing more. To see additional galleries, one “joins” the site through a monthly membership fee. Other galleries are similar but the pictures are collected from other galleries. One picture can take you to another website and when you finally weaken and decide to join, the computer tracks where you came from, so appropriate commissions can be paid. The galleries themselves may claim to have specific themes (i.e. teen pornography) but in fact they are all quite similar.


Months after writing this, I realized I hadn’t clearly stated the obvious: If each picture is also an internet link, and you have high speed internet with lots of memory, or especially if you’re working in a school or college that has state-of-the-art fiber optic connection, it’s possible, as you click from site to site, to have nearly a thousand picture images on your computer in just 60 seconds.


Portals are similar but only display “banner” advertisements for other sites. They exist purely for the purpose of extracting commissions when you enter one of the advertised sites and then pay the fee to access the desired content. The second type of galleries mentioned above operate like portals, but provide the ‘free samples’ mentioned earlier. The portals are only concerned with getting you directly to another site.


Movie Galleries are intended to get you to sites where you buy downloads of pornographic films. There tends to be less here in the way of free samples, though short clips are available. They want your credit card. Bored with still pictures, many users are more than happy to pay to see some ‘living’ pictures.


Webcam sites pretend to offer you live access to the bedrooms of the nation, but in fact there’s more looping video here than anything truly live. Most have an amateur film quality to them, but play on the voyeuristic nature of those viewing. There might be some free samples, but they also want your credit card. Some sites claim to supply interactive chat with the subject onscreen. Again, I wouldn’t know.


File Sharing refers to people trading images of all kinds online. Not having any files to share (thank goodness) I didn’t investigate these sites. However, I’m told they are key to the distribution of child pornography.


High Res is short for high resolution. These are more professional looking stills and videos which take longer to download. The images are strikingly real, and provide that higher “kick” that we talked about. Very little is available without forking out that Visa or MasterCard number. For many, these images take longer to download and use up a lot of computer memory. So many of these sites offer product that is shipped the old way – by mail or courier.


This list is by no means exhaustive. People are thinking up new avenues for online pornography every day. But if you ever again hear the phrase, “the world of pornography,” know that it is, indeed, an entire world onto itself that presents a myriad of options, with each one serving as a unique type of entry point or gateway into that world.


Before we move on to look at the third type of site, I want to consider an important side issue.


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