Eleventh Chapter – Animation


Now we come back to the types of visual pornography. This third type is serious and deserves its own chapter.

We live in a world where cartoon and comic book art is a huge industry that actually reaches people in a wider age bracket than just children. From the popularity of Japanese styled ‘manga’ comic books to their ‘anime’ moving-picture equivalent to the long running popularity of The Simpsons, cartoon art is everywhere. Where this topic is concerned, the first comment is always along the lines of, “But there’s no human subjects…no man, woman or child is being exploited in these pictures… nobody gets hurt, so what’s wrong with it?”

The problem here becomes one of audience. This material is more likely to be seen and studied by children than the other types of porn we’ve discussed; and yes, make no mistake about it, it is definitely classifiable as pornography. Anime and manga are a huge industry right now. Even adults have more choices of prime time animated television than at any previous time in history. There is also the close relationship between this art form and other media, particularly the gaming industry, both the arcade version, the X-Box or PSP home console version, and the games designed for personal computers. Again, the majority of users are teens or twenty-somethings.

There are two main characteristics of animated (sometimes called ‘3D’ though it’s not really three dimensional) pornography. If you read articles on this subject, they’ll be quick to point out the first one. The second one is often not discussed.

(a) Cartoon or animated pornography is able to depict scenes that are anatomically improbable or impossible,

(b) Cartoon or animated pornography is able to depict scenes which would be illegal to create in a photographic situation, many of which are anathema even to other pornographers.

It’s the second issue we want to look at here. Out of all the various types of pornography that are available, this is the one where I feel the creators are on a mission. They have a definite agenda and it is by no means a hidden agenda. They have a message to preach, and they’re preaching it largely to kids; kids as young as eight, nine or ten.

Just as the gay rights community has lobbied hard and successfully to bring down the gay taboo in western society, there seems to be an attempt on the part of the writers and artists who produce cartoon pornography to advance a single worldview. It’s doesn’t encompass the entire world of graphic art porn, but the preponderance of evidence suggests that it’s upfront and increasing in visibility.

They want to break the incest taboo. Incest. As in sex between members of the same family. Brothers and sisters. Mothers and sons. Fathers and daughters. Even children and grandparents. Seriously. This material is widespread on the ‘net as you read this, complete with audio or text in many different languages. And where galleries allow animated website links to commingle with photographic visual pornography, all of the animated links connect to sites depicting and promoting incestuous sex.

It’s dangerous to make predictions, but here goes. I think that just as the gay rights lobby advanced their position over the last few decades to change the way people think about homosexuality, so also will the ‘incest rights’ lobby become more visible over the next decade. I know this disagrees with the writings of others who feel that it’s the issue of rights for pedophiles that is looming on the horizon, but I wish to suggest that it’s going to be this issue, not that one, that takes the headlines in the years to come. Besides, if the pedophiles take this issue, they’ve won half of their battle.

At this point, I know some readers are saying, “This has nothing to do with my situation.” But remember what we said at the outset; over time, tastes and interests skew and they often skew younger. The preoccupation with youth in our culture is well established, and this content feeds that desire.

But the biggest danger here is what happens when this material is seen by young, impressionable minds. If the constant danger with pornography takes place when an individual “acts out,” then how does a girl or boy act out in response to this material. Does a teenage boy make an indecent proposal to his mother? Does a pre-teen girl start dressing provocatively and flirting with her father? Do the kids start fooling around when the parents go out for dinner?

To answer that question, you’d have to flip back to the confessional websites. Even if only fifty percent of the people there are telling the truth, the answer is yes, it’s already happening. This is also strongly reinforced by the text-only pornographic websites consisting of stories and novels. The moral and spiritual prohibitions against incest are disappearing in North America, Europe and also Japan, where much of the graphic art design of these sites is created. A whole generation is being raised on this material online, and are coming into sexual maturity fully convinced that there’s nothing wrong with incest.

At the same time, this material is not being missed by the adults. Because it’s a taboo, the incest topic is a ‘turn on’ for many guys. (Remember the part about surprise value?) So you have willing children and willing adults, you have a recipe for trouble, leaving individuals and families which will never thereafter be the same.


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