First, I want to thank my wife Ruth, not only for her patience during rather strange weeks while I was at the computer screen at all hours; her forgiveness and understanding when I realized the trap into which I had fallen; and also for being the best copy and style editor a husband ever had. For every book I could write, Ruth has ten books percolating.

I also want to express my lifelong gratitude to my parents for pointing me towards and training me in the ways of God, without which I might not be the person I am today. If you’re reading this as a concerned parent, never give up praying and never give up modeling the character of Jesus.

Next, I want to thank the people who were more than willing to discuss this issue informally with me and the ways they’ve tried to address the issue in their personal lives. This is truly the “elephant in the room” where Christians are concerned. Open disclosure, honest discussion and transparent living will help us move one another towards living in a way that pleases Christ our Lord.

Finally, I want to thank a host of people I will never remember who taught me the value of absolute honesty and transparency. As believers we dress up real good on Sunday morning (and other times) but it takes strength and courage to admit sometimes we get knocked down, defeated and broken. But I think it’s the first, and possibly only step towards getting back on our feet again, victorious, and whole.

Oh yes, and thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph.

Paul Wilkinson

c/o Searchlight Books

884 Division Street, Suite 102

Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

K9A 5V3


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